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Family feedback about schools always welcome

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We know the quality of the relationship between families and schools has a direct impact on student wellbeing and educational outcomes.

There will be times when parents and carers want to ask a question, raise an issue or make a complaint about our schools and it can be hard for families to know where to start. Families have told us that it can be difficult to find the right person to talk to, or don’t know what steps to take to bring an issue to someone’s attention.

A short video, produced in consultation with schools, is helping families find the right person if they have a question or want to raise an issue, make a complaint or provide a compliment. The video encourages families to contact their school or the department early and in a positive way to help resolve any issues together.

The video complements information on our website and is an accessible way for families to find out about the complaints process. Positive feedback is also important and families are encouraged to let us know when something has gone well.

Visit the complaints, compliments and suggestions webpage for more information.

Video – Contacting the NSW Department of Education

Duration - 3:20